Computerized Multifunction Die Cutting Machine

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Computerized Multifunction Die Cutting Machine

This JMQ-320C computerized multifunction die cutting machine is applicable for high precision die cutting, shifting and slitting materials by flatting the materials, as well as it is totally controlled by computer. In its vertical direction and on the two sides of the printed label there are three photoelectric eyes for tracking and positioning, so die cutting, coating film, collecting waste film, slitting or automatic labeling can be accomplished in one process. In general, our product is very suitable for die cutting Dacron film trademark, paper adhesive tape label, and laser anti-fake trademark in the electronic, adhesive tape industries. What's more, it is usually used to cooperate with soft printing machine, continuous screen printing machine, photogravure press and anti-fake trademark molding machine, etc.

Technical Parameters
Cutting Speed20-120m/min
Max. Roll Width320mm
Max. Die Cutting Width300mm
Max. Die Cutting Length290mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter450mm
Overprint Precision±0.1mm
Total Power2.5kw
Power Supply220v±10%
Weight of Machine About 1500kg
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)2600×950×1400mm

Our company is a specialized computerized multifunction die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as slitting machine, die-cutting machine, and hot melt coating machine.

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