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Double Shaft Automatic Tape Cutting Machiner

This JY-A180 double shaft automatic tape cutting machine is equipped with ball screw and servo motor drive system for fixing the cutting position. Moreover, it adopts precise linear slide guide rail for supporting the tool apron to make stable but accurate cutting. With two cutting shafts and two rotary blades, this product works more efficiently than the single shaft device. Due to the drive of frequency converter on motors, the shaft and the blade, performing with forward and reversal rotation, can be adjusted on speed at random, as well as they adapt to different requirements of cutting.

Technical Parameters
Suitable Inner Paper Core Diameter3inches or 1.5inches
Max. Cutting Width1mm-1350mm/1600mm
Min. Cutting Width1mm
Max. Cutting Diameter 180mm
Max. Blade Diameter200mm
Cutting Tolerance0.08mm
Total Power8kw
Working Voltage380v/50Hz(other voltage is optional)
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)2900×1250×1400mm
Blade or KnifeSteel Rotary Knife 200mm
Mechanical Speed0-1400turns/s
Servo ShiftYes

With the powerful torque vacuum speed reducer, the blade motor with strong torsion keeps the blade with stable performance at low speed. In addition, the cutting shaft with small core can be selected, which is suitable for slitting small core materials like PVC electronic tape. In order to balance the pressure on the shaft the blade gives while blade feeding, the shaft is better to be equipped with movable tool apron to avoid being bent. With small cutting diameter, this tape cutting machine is not configured with the automatic angle rotation system unless the users require. Apart from the hydraulic system for blade feeding, this product also adopts cooling device for automatic lubricating and cooling down the blade, preventing the tape from being melted.

Due to PLC for controlling the operation and processing data, our double shaft automatic tape cutting machine can set 10 groups of precise cutting in different sizes at one working cycle. With two operation panels, our product is more convenient for operation. Therein, users can tough the LCD touch panel directly for operation and get the running state of each part. Yet the movable manual operation panel allows users to operate at different positions, as well as it can extend the lifespan of the touch panel by reducing touching times. In addition, this product adopts a security system for protecting the user and itself. If the barometric pressure is out of safe value, the cutting shaft tailstock will open abnormally. Then the machine will halt and start the protection system automatically, alarming and displaying the reasons of failure. It is very convenient for users to get rid of the obstacles.

Commonly, this double shaft automatic tape cutting machine is suitable for cutting diversified adhesive tapes, especially the tapes need high accuracy cutting in automobile and electricity industries. Also, it is applicable for slitting tapes like polyester tape, PE film, Kapton tape, PVC insulated tape, PET tape, foam tape, 3M series of tapes, double sided adhesive tape, masking tape, aluminum tape, fabric tape, etc.

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