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Surface Rolling Slitting Machine Surface Rolling Slitting Machine

This JFQ-F surface rolling slitting machine is widely used for trimming cutting and slitting materials as required on production. It is usually applicable for cutting sticky tape, nonwoven fabric, aluminum foil, photosensitive material, insulator paper and other various materials in roll, especially some plastic film of BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, PE, etc. Due to the electromechanical integration controller, our product performs neat cutting at high speed. Moreover, it allows automatic meter presetting, meter counting and automatic halt. With the continuously variable speed regulation, this product is convenient to be operated. In addition, the adoptions of automatic deviation correcting device and constant tension controller enable our product to provide precise and stable performances.

Main Technical Parameters
Max. Width of Coiled Material600mm1000mm1200mm
Max. Roll Diameter of Coiled Material 600mm600mm600mm
Max. Width of Final Roll30-600mm30-600mm30-600mm
Slitting Speed5-180m/min5-180m/min5-180m/min
Motor Power2.7kw3.5kw3.5kw
Weight of Machine1800kg2000kg2200kg
Overall Dimension2100×1800×1200mm2100×2000×1200mm2200×2100×1200mm

As a specialized surface rolling slitting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers roll to roll continuous free label die cutter (with gold foil), self adhesive lamination machine, hot melt equipment, and more.

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Surface Slitting Equipment | Machine for Slitting Rolling Material | Plastic Film Used Slitting Device | Slitter for Non-woven Fabric

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