Automatic High Speed Slitting Machine

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Automatic High Speed Slitting Machine

This JFQ-C automatic high speed slitting machine is perfectly suitable for slitting laminated or monomer film, aluminum foil, paper and other common materials for packaging. Totally controlled by PLC, the product can be operated by toughing the screen of the man-machine interface. Moreover, it supports meter presetting, automatic counting of the roll diameter, automatic halt and other slitting functions. With the EPC deviation correcting equipment, our product is able to control the precision of cross section of the materials.

The PLC consists of two vector variable frequency motors, one is used for rewinding transmission to drive magnetic powder clutch, and then PLC calculates the roll diameter automatically to achieve taper tension control. Yet the other is used for the traction drive device to realize constant control of linear velocity. Due to the imported magnetic powder brake, our automatic high speed slitting machine realizes automatic roll diameter counting, as well as constant tension control for unwinding through PLC. In addition, it adopts an air cylinder device without any shaft for unwinding, which is clamped by screw assembly and can be adjusted left or right.

Technical Parameters
Max. Width of Raw Material1300mm
Max. Diameter of Raw Material1000mm
Max. Diameter of Rewinding600mm
Mechanical Speed 0-300m/min
Total Power 8kw
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)1800×2800×1600mm

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