Simple Automatic Adhesive Tape Cutter

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Simple Automatic Adhesive Tape Cutter

This JY-B300II simple automatic adhesive tape cutter adopts PLC for data processing and operation, as well as it can be set with only one size in a working cycle, and then it will cut automatically. Apart from the manual operation panel, this product is equipped with a digital one for setting cutting size and other operations, as well as inputting data. In addition, our product adopts the rotary blade in pneumatic feeding or hydraulic feeding way, yet the diameter and the feeding speed of the blade can be adjusted. With the cooling device, the blade can be cooled down and lubricated automatically so that this machine can realize smooth cutting without damaging the tapes.

Technical Parameters
Mechanical Speed0-1400turns/s
Suitable Inner Paper Core Diameter3inches
Cutting ShaftSingle 3inches
Max. Cutting Width1350mm/1600mm (optional)
Min. Cutting Width1mm
Max. Cutting Diameter 200mm
Max. Blade Diameter250mm
Knife Feeding WayPneumatic Feeding or Hydraulic Feeding
Cutting Tolerance±0.1mm
Total Power4kw
Working Voltage380v/50Hz(other voltage is optional)
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)2350×1400×1200mm
Material Fixing WayPneumatic Chuck

Besides the precise ball screw drive, the adhesive tape cutter also adopts vector output frequency converter to drive the motors for automatic fixing the cutting position, as well as it features stable power output at high or low speed. Moreover, the knife moves left or right based on the linear slide guide rail and special guide slot of tool apron, so our product is able to ensure precise and stable cutting. With continuously variable speed regulation system, the cutting shaft driven by the motors supports forward and reversal rotation, which is useful for cutting various tapes. Although it is complicated to control the cutting angle manually, this machine can cut tapes of various diameters precisely as the cutting angle changes with the diameter of tapes. By the way, the tapes can be fixed by pneumatic chuck.

This simple automatic adhesive tape cutter has a perfect security system for protecting itself and the user. When the cutting shaft tailstock is not closed or opens accidently during production, the machine can't be started or will have an automatic halt with alarming at the same time. If the air pressure is lower than the safe value, the cutting shaft tailstock will open, and then the machine halts to give alarm so as to protect the user. With multiple functions, our product is used for cutting varied tapes and partial non-adhesive materials, like double sided adhesive tape, masking tape, PE film, PVC insulated tape, PET tape, foam tape, 3M series of tapes, nonwoven fabric, release paper, etc.

Jiayuan is a specialized simple automatic adhesive tape cutter manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as fully automatic self adhesive die cutting machine, glue coating machine, and hot melt adhesive lamination machine.

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