Automatic High Precision Tape Cutter

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Automatic High Precision Tape Cutter

This JY-A350 automatic high precision tape cutter allows setting 10 groups of sizes in one working cycle for cutting as it is controlled by PLC. Also, under the security program in PLC, the machine will halt automatically or not be started when the cutting shaft tailstock doesn't close or it opens abnormally during operation. Moreover, our product will provide alarm and display of wrong operation automatically at the same time. Therefore, the safe solution system of this product can protect both the user and the machine itself. Besides the accurate ball screw drive, our product adopts servo motor for feeding blade, fixing the cutting position and shifting the tool apron. For different roll diameters of materials should be cut with distinguished cutting angles, the blade can turn left or right automatically with the guide of linear slide rail to improve the precision of operation conveniently. In addition, our product employs the blade with vacuum generator for lubricating and cooling down the blade, as well as the tapes will be not melted or damaged.

Technical Parameters
Suitable Paper Core Diameter3inches
Max. Cutting Width1350mm /1600mm (optional)
Min. Cutting Length0.5mm
Max. Cutting Diameter 300mm
Max. Blade Diameter350mm
Knife Feeding WayServo Motor System
Cutting Tolerance±0.025mm~±0.08mm
Total Power8kw
Working Voltage380v/50Hz(other voltage is optional)
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)3050×1250×1400mm
Cutting ShaftSingle Shaft, 3inches
Blade or KnifeSteel Rotary Knife 250mm
Mechanical Speed0-1400turns/s
Automatic Blade Sharpening SystemOptional
Slitting PositioningYes
Servo ShiftYes
Automatic Angle TurningYes
Security SolutionYes

Note: All the machines can make large cutting width and diameter as per special requirement of the clients, as well as they can be designed with protection cover. In addition, the pneumatic shaft can be selected, and the user needs to provide outer gas resource with barometric pressure at least 7kg/cm2.

Our tape cutter also adopts an AC voltage control converter, frequency converter for driving motors to perform with stable power output whether at slow or high speed. Moreover, the rotary blade is equipped with speed reducer and clutch, which are convenient for cutting various materials. Apart from touch panel for operation and showing the status of the machine, the manual operation panel of this product can be used for extending the service life of the touch panel.

Optional Functions
1.The cutting shaft of our automatic high precision tape cutter can be selected with iron shaft, pneumatic shaft and mechanical expansion shaft with different diameters.
2. The optional movable blade holder device for preventing the cutting shaft from deforming under the force of the blade.
3. The function of automatic rotation angle of blade is suitable for cutting different materials in various angles.
4. With the optional automatic blade sharpening property, this product saves much complicated procedures of blade replacing and manual adjustment of angle, etc. It not only decreases the cost of blade sharpening, but also provides accurate, complete, efficient and smooth cutting.
5. Besides, the security closed cover helps to protect the user and the machine.
6. The communicating function with the outside can be set.

Generally speaking, this automatic high precision tape cutter is applicable for cutting varied adhesive tapes, especially the tapes in automobile and electricity industries, which need high accuracy cutting. It is also suitable for cutting tapes like Kapton tape, PE film, PVC insulated tape, PET tape, foam tape, 3M series of tapes, double sided adhesive tape, masking tape, aluminum tape, fabric tape, polyester tape, etc.

As a specialized automatic high precision tape cutter manufacturer in China, Jiayuan also offers double shaft automatic tape cutting machine, computer control high speed slitting machine, hot melt adhesive lamination machine, and self adhesive coating machine, among others.

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