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Hot Melt Coating and Compositing Technology, Perfect Choice for Medical Materials

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Without any solvent, the hot melt adhesive is not harmful for environment. At the common temperature, it is solid in form of bulk, laminar, strip or granular and it is convenient for packaging, storing, conveying and using. Moreover, the hot melt glue is used for coating at the molten state, and then it will realize adhesion after cooling and solidifying. Therefore, it is applicable for automatic production line with high efficiency but low cost.

Our company develops a series of hot melt adhesive coating and compositing machines, which have been confirmed by the domestic customers for the perfect performances reaching the standard of the same products abroad. In addition, we apply various hot melt adhesive coating and compositing technologies on production.

The hot melt coating and compositing machine takes small area but performs at high speed, as well as it has diversified coating methods, like coating in reticular, in strip, in dot, and transparent, intermittent, spiral coating, as well as PUR reactive coating. With its coating width ranges from 0.8g/m2 to 300g/m2, this machine allows adjusting coating weight according to customers' requirements.

The hot melt coating machine is widely applicable for paper base metal foil, plastic film and all kinds of knitted or woven textiles, nonwoven fabrics, etc. Moreover, it can make tens of products like medical nonwoven athletic tape, medical polyurethane surgery membrane, rubbery medical adhesive tape, etc.