Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit (ASU)

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Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit (ASU)

This JYP-045 hot melt adhesive supply unit adopts a gear pump with the function of frequency conversion and it controls the output of the hot melt glue precisely. Equipped with double filters for removing impurities, our product can guarantee the smooth operation of the spray head. Moreover, the use of cooling device as well as temperature control system can prevent both the pump and the product from damage. Coated with Teflon layer that is stick resistant on the internal surface of the glue melting oven, this product is able to prevent the glue against carbonization so as to keep the glue with good performance and avoid stoppage. In addition, it is applicable for use in the industries of filter, car lamp and so on.

Technical Parameters
Spraying Head Quantity1-4bars
Storage Capacity200kg
Glue Melting Speed45kg/h
Max. Glue Output60kg/h
Motor Power12kw
Range of Temperature Control50-230℃

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