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Self Adhesive Lamination Machine Self Adhesive Lamination Machine Self Adhesive Lamination Machine Self Adhesive Lamination Machine

Our JYT-GB self adhesive lamination machine is controlled by PLC, as well as its user interface is set with speed display, glue quantity setting and other functions. Apart from double working positions of rewinding and unwinding, this product employs the automatic constant tension controlled system, which rewinds completely to ensure the flatness of materials. Also, the adoption of pneumatic device not only brings convenience for connecting materials but also keeps the product with continuous working under the condition of ensuring the plainness of materials at the connection position.

Technical Parameters
Model JYT-GB
Coating Width400-2500mm
Coating Weight10-200g/m2
Coating Speed150m/min
Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Rewinding Diameter1000mm
Deviation Correcting Device1set

Moreover, the technology of automatic net replacing of the filter reduces the halts causing by filter stoppage. Due to the design of expending the distance between the devices of coating and compositing, the self adhesive lamination machine can adapt to compounding the materials which aren't high temperature resistant. What's more, the installation of high accuracy alloy steel spray head ensures effective coating at high speed. In addition, our product is mainly suitable for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive coating, like adhesive tape, advertising inkjet materials, self adhesive label, heat sensitive label, etc.

As a specialized self adhesive lamination machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiayuan offers a broad range of products, including hot melt glue machine, hot melt adhesive lamination machine, vertical automatic slitting and rewinding machine, and more.

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