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The hot melt coating machine is used to heat, melt fusible polymer which is solid at common temperature without any moisture into flowing liquid adhesive, and then coat the adhesive on the base materials. Variant hot melt coating machines and hot melt equipment can be supplied for meeting different demands of users. For example, the JYT-B glue coating type can composite superior materials if it is cooperated with professional hot melt device. As for coating and compositing the sheet or rolling materials, the JYT-P sheet material hot melt coating type is a good choice. Yet the JYT-II double sides hot melt adhesive supply unit is suitable for producing multilayer compositing products. Moreover, users can select JYT-H hot melt adhesive lamination type to produce double sides tape, double sides foam tape, cleaning tape, etc.

Our high speed hot melt coating machine series is mainly used for coating hot melt pressure sensitive glue, and it can get effective compositing for poor temperature resistant materials. In addition, the JYJ glue film extruding type is applicable to process varied high adhesion hot melt glue or thermoplastic material. Therein, the JYJ-2 double screw extrusion adhesive supply unit is special for producing hot melt glue with high adhesion, especially the powder one. Furthermore, there is a small size JYT-320 coating type that needs only one person to operate simply. Several types of hot melt devices can cooperate with coating device or various packaging production line, especially the JYP005 hot melt adhesive spraying type with double spraying heads performs effectively. What's more, the JYG hot melt glue type can realize large area of glue supply and it can be applied in various industries.

Jiayuan is a specialized hot melt coating machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer sheet material hot melt coating machine, self adhesive lamination machine, fully automatic self adhesive die cutting machine, and more.

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