Hot Melt Adhesive Converting Machine

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Hot Melt Adhesive Converting Machine

This JYP130 hot melt adhesive converting machine usually coordinating with coating device is used to make seal and padding in refrigerator industry, as well as it is widely used in the fields of filter, car lamp, and nonwoven fabric, etc. Intelligently controlled by accurate PID temperature control system, our hot melt adhesive converting machine can be protect from damage through the temperature protection function. Coated with a stick resistant Teflon layer in the inner surface of the glue melting oven, this product is able to prevent the hot melt glue from being carbonized and keep it at best state to reduce stoppage. Moreover, its gear pump employs the technology of frequency conversion so that our product can control the output of glue precisely, as well as the filter in the pump can avoid blocking of the spray head by removing impurities.

Technical Parameters
Storage Capacity200kg
Glue Melting Speed130kg/h
Motor Power22kw
Range of Temperature Control50-250℃

Note: This data is measured by EVA glue with the viscosity of 3000CPS.

Jiayuan is a specialized hot melt adhesive converting machine manufacturer based in China. Apart from hot melt coating machine, we also offer fully automatic self adhesive die cutting machine, paper slitter machine, automatic high precision tape cutter, etc.

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