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This JYT-B glue coating machine adopts an AC variable frequency converter to control the speed even the quantity of glue feeding, which can be controlled manually or tracked automatically. Moreover, it is equipped with an intelligent PID temperature control system, as well as its error is controlled at most 1℃. Coated with an adhesion resistant layer in the glue melting oven, this product can prevent the hot melt glue from being carbonized effectively.

In addition, all the active rollers and passive guide wheels are regulated by accurate balancing devices and installed with reasonable technology. Configured with high precision metric gear pump and alloy steel spray head, our product performs steadily without any noise, ensuring high quality coating effect, and the materials it composites can't crease at all. Furthermore, it employs the changeable fiber spraying system to realize the composition of PE film and nonwoven fabric. If this product is equipped with special PUR hot melt adhesive machine, it is suitable for compositing superior materials.

Technical Parameters
Model JYT-B
Coating Width 400-2500mm
Coating Weight 10-200g/m2
Coating Speed 50m/min
Unwinding Diameter 1000mm
Rewinding Diameter 700mm
Deviation Correcting Device 1set
Length 4800mm
Height 1350mm

Our glue coating machine is widely used for making various tapes, like double sided adhesive tape, double sided foam tape, duct tape, cleaning tape, aluminum foil tape, fiber adhesive tape, craft paper and masking paper tapes, medical dressing tape and low temperature hot melting film, etc. In addition, it is suitable for compositing all kinds of materials, like shoe material, nonwoven fabric, filter material, medical material and so on.

As a China-based glue coating machine manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides hot melt adhesive lamination machine, automatic high speed slitting machine, computerized multifunction die cutting machine, and hot melt glue machine, among others.

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