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Glue Film Extruding Machine Glue Film Extruding Machine

Shoes Material Coating Machine/ Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet Coating Machine
This JYJ glue film extruding machine is applicable for coating the hot melt adhesive in high viscosity and thermoplastic materials, like PA, PES, EVA, TPU, etc. It is widely used for processing shoe material, bag material, petroleum corrosion resistant tape, hot melt glue film, clothing accessory, reflecting material, etc. Apart from adopting automatic net replacing device, melt pump and different coating head, this product can be adjusted at the pressure, torque and the speed of the motor to get high accuracy coating. In addition, it allows replacing the rolls to realize various coating effect. Due to the Japanese NSK brand bearings and efficient cooling device, our product ensures stable coating speed.

Technical Parameters
Model JYJ
Coating Width 400-2500mm
Coating Weight 20-2000g/m2
Coating Speed 30m/min
Unwinding Diameter 1000mm
Rewinding Diameter 700mm
Deviation Correcting Device 1set
Height 1350mm

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