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Hot Melt Glue Machine

From the aspect of safety, this JYG hot melt glue machine is designed to prevent human hand from being drawn into the idler wheel, as well as to avert the work piece from the adhesive storing tank. As the width of idler wheel ranges from 30mm to 300mm, the coating width can be customized as required. Moreover, the rotating speed of idler wheel can be adjusted as per working requirement. Both the idler wheel and the adhesive storing tank can control temperature independently. Due to the continuously variable transmission system, the motor of our product brings convenience for sticking all kinds of materials. In addition, this hot melt glue machine is applicable for gluing large area of materials in shoe, leather, decoration, building material, sport device and other fields.

Technical Parameters
Storage Capability 3kg
Installation Power 2kw
Top Temperature 230℃
Hot Melt Adhesive Viscosity100-30000cps
Rotating Speed 0-200r/min
Roll Thickness0.7-6mm
Product Dimension 500mm×420mm×600mm

Note: This data is measured by EVA glue with the viscosity of 3000CPS.

Jiayuan is a China-based hot melt glue machine manufacturer and supplier. We also offer hot melt adhesive lamination machine, roll to roll continuous free label die cutter (with gold foil), computer control high speed slitting machine, and more.

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